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Using NitroPack with Page Builders and Themes: Optimizing and Updating Web Content Automatically
Using NitroPack with Page Builders and Themes: Optimizing and Updating Web Content Automatically
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Maintaining a website that loads fast and always displays the newest content can be challenging.

NitroPack addresses this by expertly managing cache invalidation, a crucial process for any dynamic website. This ensures that your website visitors always encounter the most up-to-date content, delivered with optimal performance.

The Role of Cache Invalidation in Web Optimization

Cache invalidation is essential for keeping website content current. Whenever there's an update in content or design, NitroPack detects these changes and invalidates the cache of the affected page. It then starts building new cache files in the background and serves them to visitors when they’re ready.

This process ensures that the outdated cached version is automatically and immediately replaced with a newly optimized version, reflecting the latest updates.

NitroPack's Integration with Specific Builders and Themes

NitroPack seamlessly integrates with various popular builders and themes, simplifying the task of keeping web content both fresh and fast.

NitroPack is compatible with the following builders:

  • Divi Builder

  • Fusion Builder

  • Beaver Builder

  • Avada Website Builder

  • Elementor

  • SiteOrigin

  • Slider Revolution

  • Visual Composer

  • WPBakery

  • ProductGallery

NitroPack is compatible with these themes:

  • Elegant Themes

  • Sena

  • Jupiter

  • Davenport

  • Thrive

  • Astra

  • Hyvä themes (Magento 2)

  • Avada

  • Betheme

  • Cornerstone

  • Enfold

  • Flatsome

  • GeneratePress

  • Hello Elementor

  • Neve

  • OceanWP

  • Sydney

  • The7

Working with Other Builders and Themes

NitroPack is also compatible with other builders and themes. However, their integration may require additional cache settings adjustments to achieve optimal performance.

📌 If you need assistance or have any questions, you can contact our Support team using the chat bubble on the bottom right of this page.

How to Purge Your Cache Manually

In some cases, you may want to purge your cache right after you apply a change to your page’s design or content instead of relying on NitroPack’s system to invalidate your cache. Then, you can purge it manually from your NitroPack app. Here’s how to do it:

For Individual Pages:

  1. Log into your NitroPack account

  2. Open ‘Cache Insights’

  3. Go to 'Page optimization status'

  4. Find the search section

  5. Input the URL of the page needing an update and initiate the purge. This action refreshes the cached version of that page with updated content.

For your entire site:

  1. Log into your NitroPack account

  2. Go to the dashboard

  3. Click on 'Purge cache'

Purging your cache ensures every page on the site is re-optimized to reflect recent changes.

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