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What does the process look like?
What does the process look like?

How do you improve the CWV? What steps do you take? What will your engineers do? What are your deliverables for us?

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This would begin by onboarding you and activating NitroPack Enterprise for your site. Onboarding involves connecting NitroPack Enterprise, diagnosing and identifying current CWV-related bottlenecks and then presenting you a plan what product features will be used and how. NitroPack Enterprise is a suite of 60+ automatic optimization techniques, two of which are powered by AI, and your dedicated performance engineer will apply the ones that best address your website’s specific performance issues. These optimizations are all applied within our cloud layer, meaning there are no code changes required on your site.

Once we hit the agreed CWV goal, the performance engineer sets daily monitoring of your traffic and oversees how your real users experience loading, interaction and visual stability. CWV is different every day as your audience is, hence it is monitored daily. Any negative change on a real-user experience metric is immediately attended and addressed in the cloud layer, so your site continues to have great CWV. Attending changes is a daily performance job for websites with online operation like yours and is fully handled from the performance engineer following our internal protocols, so it is a seamless experience for you. The effort on your side is to look at the reports and enjoy your results. Your visitors browse more pages because they would load faster, have no interactivity issues and be visually stable on loading. Google gets signalled, and search traffic improves for keyword competitors.

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