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How do you evaluate success under your SLA?
How do you evaluate success under your SLA?

Could you specify the metrics for evaluating our success? Beyond speed scores, what metrics will assess our ROI?

Updated over a week ago

We understand the importance of having clear and measurable metrics to assess the return on investment (ROI) and the overall impact on your enterprise.

We evaluate success based on public Google data of successfully passing performance metrics that have a direct impact on your business. These metrics are centered around the real user experience of your website, as measured directly from the Chrome browsers of your visitors. The data is then aggregated in Google to provide a comprehensive overview of how your site performs in real-world scenarios. Specifically, we focus on the following key metrics:

  1. Loading Experience (LCP) - This metric is crucial for understanding how quickly a user perceives your site to be loaded.

  2. Interaction Experience (INP) - This metric helps gauge the interactivity and responsiveness of your site.

  3. Visual Stability (CLS) - A low CLS score indicates a more stable and visually consistent browsing experience.

These metrics are pivotal for understanding the real-world performance of your website and its impact on user experience. By improving these aspects, you can significantly enhance user satisfaction, engagement, and conversion rates, which in turn, contribute positively to your ROI.

For a deeper understanding of these metrics and how they translate to business impact, I recommend exploring the comprehensive guide available at case studies on vitals business impact. This resource provides valuable insights into how optimizing these web vitals can drive better business outcomes.

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