How to Purge the Cache Only for a Specific Page(s)

You can purge the cache for a specific page (or pages) from the “Optimizations” panel in your NitroPack account.

To do so, log into your account and go to “Optimizations”. Once you find the page, click on the small red icon under “Actions”.


Clicking this button purges the cache only for the specific page.

Please note that you can’t purge the cache for part of a page, for example, a single image or video. You have to do so for the entire page.

Clearing the Cache for Multiple Pages Simultaneously

The search bar in the “Optimizations” panel can help you find similar pages and clear their cache all at once. 

You can search by URL or tag and filter by device type. 

For example, to clear the cache for pages on your blog, you could search by URL and write “blog” in the search field. If the URL structure for your blog posts includes this word, all blog post URLs should appear.

From here, you can use the small checkbox on the left to select the pages you want to purge. 

Finally, click on “Purge X URLs” (top right corner) and you’re done.



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