Kinsta Hosting Configuration for NitroPack

In order for URL tagging and post scheduling to work correctly NitroPack needs to be able to access your website directly, bypassing the caching layer provided by Kinsta. To make sure this is the case, please contact Kinsta's support team and ask them to configure a cache exclude based on the "nitropack-nocache" cookie.

Feel free to use their chat support option, as this is a really quick thing to do. Please phrase your request like this:

Hey, can you please configure a cache exclude based on the following cookie: nitropack-nocache

Once they confirm that the exclude is in place, you should be all set for using NitroPack on Kinsta.

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  • What does that mean wrt Kinsta's own CDN. How do the two CDN work together ? Does Nitro require Kinsta CDN to be disabled?

  • Hi Rahul,

    NitroPack is compatible with Kinsta's CDN - you don't need to disable it or do anything else. As long as you go through the process described in this article, everything will work fine.


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