Bad PageSpeed Insights Results on Mobile and Desktop

If your PageSpeed Insights score remains low after connecting to NitroPack, you probably tested a page before your site had the chance to serve the newly optimized content. If you repeat the test after a few minutes, you should see a higher score for the optimized page.

Repeating the test didn't help. Now what?

If PageSpeed showed the second test results in less than 1 second, then it has served you cached results. Make sure to wait at least 60 seconds before performing the second test.

I waited more than 5 minutes before repeating the test, but PageSpeed Insights still shows bad results.

Check if NitroPack is enabled and if optimizations are running from the Optimizations tab. Also, make sure you haven't exceeded your monthly pageviews and CDN bandwidth.

If everything seems okay and you still face the issue, please contact us at to identify and fix the problem.

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