Overages: Continue Using NitroPack After Exceeding Your Agency Plan's Limits

By default, when you exceed your agency plan’s monthly resources (pageviews and CDN bandwidth), NitroPack stops optimizing the websites in your account. After that, you either have to wait for next month’s usage reset or upgrade to a higher plan.
You can avoid that by enabling Overages. With Overages, our service doesn’t stop optimizing your websites when you go over the resource limit.
Instead, NitroPack continues to function normally, and there are additional charges for the extra pageviews, CDN usage, and websites added to your account.
For example, this feature can be useful if you have high-traffic months, during which you’ll need more pageviews and CDN bandwidth. If you only have two or three of these months a year, buying a higher pricing plan might not be cost-effective.
With Overages, you avoid changing plans and instead pay for the resource consumed outside of your current plans’ limits. The overused resources will be charged as a separate order at the end of your billing period.
Important: Like Quotas, Overages are not enabled by default. Please contact our support team via this form - they can enable Overages for you and explain the extra charges incurred after you exceed your plans’ limits.
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