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NitroPack’s Free Plan: Everything You Need to Know
NitroPack’s Free Plan: Everything You Need to Know
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The Free plan is a great way to test NitroPack’s powerful optimizations without any financial risk. After creating your account, you get access to features like:

  • Advanced caching

  • Image optimization and automatic lazy loading

  • Remove render-blocking resources

  • Critical CSS and Reduce Unused CSS

  • Optimized font loading and compression

  • And many more

Simply put, you will have everything you need to see an immediate improvement in your PageSpeed Insights score and Core Web Vitals.

In terms of resources available, our Free plan includes:

  • Up to 5000 pageviews and 1GB of CDN bandwidth a month*

*These resources are shared between all the websites in your account on the Free plan.

NitroPack Footer Badge

Sites that use our Free plan also get a small NitroPack badge in their footer:

Based on your site’s design, you can choose between a light or dark version of the badge.

Here’s how you can change your badge:

  1. Log into your NitroPack app

  2. Go to Cache Settings >> General

  3. Scroll down to NitroPack badge and select your preferred option

  4. Click “Save”

Lastly, go to your Dashboard and purge your cache to apply the changes:

The badge disappears once you upgrade to a paid subscription and clear your cache.

Reaching Your Pageviews or CDN Limit

If you max out your monthly pageviews or CDN bandwidth, NitroPack will automatically be disabled. Your website will continue to function normally, but NitroPack won’t optimize it.

You can continue using NitroPack by:

  • Waiting until the next month when your resource usage resets

  • Upgrading to a subscription plan with more resources

Also, keep an eye on your email. We send out an alert when you reach 80% of your pageviews or CDN bandwidth. Additionally, you get a notification email after consuming 100% of either resource. This lets you know that NitroPack will be disabled automatically.

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