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What do I need to know about NitroPack as an affiliate? (NitroPack at a glance)
What do I need to know about NitroPack as an affiliate? (NitroPack at a glance)
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NitroPack offers everything you need for a fast website in one solution. Our service works out of the box and is easy to set up. There’s no need for coding or installation of multiple additional tools. NitroPack is also very user-friendly - it’s as simple as creating an account, connecting your website, and watching the results.

NitroPack performs all optimizations in the cloud - this shifts the burden of operations like compression, modification, and image optimization from the client’s server to ours.


We currently power over 190,000 websites. Here are some of the features we offer out of the box:

  • Entirely cloud-based optimizations;

  • Built-in CDN;

  • Proprietary resource-loading mechanism;

  • Complete image optimization stack;

  • Advanced caching features like Cache Invalidation and Cache Warmup;

  • Free plan with all features that never expires or requires credit card details.


You can set up NitroPack in less than 5 minutes on WordPress/WooCommerce, OpenCart, and Magento websites.

We also have a PHP SDK and API for other websites.

Presets and customization modes

NitroPack has different presets/optimization modes, all of which were created after much trial and error. These preset modes ensure ease of use, while allowing users to make changes if necessary.

  • Our Standard and Medium modes are our most stable but least powerful modes. They implement multiple speed optimization methods that improve your website’s performance without being too aggressive.

  • Our Strong mode offers advanced resource loading features, which aren’t present in the Standard and Medium configurations. The Strong mode offers a great balance between stability and website speed. And while it does load resources differently, this mode doesn’t delay many resources. That’s why the Strong mode is more stable, but not as fast as the Ludicrous mode.

  • The Ludicrous mode takes things to a different level. It’s designed to delay JS scripts and prioritize the HTML and CSS. This can help improve the user experience since it helps browsers render content faster.

  • Our Custom mode offers flexibility by allowing you to make customizations to advanced features if you have the desire and technical know-how. Please note that we recommend this mode only to advanced users.

Free plan

NitroPack is the only speed optimization service to offer an unlimited free plan with all the functionalities and no credit card details required. You get 5,000 page views and 1 GB of CDN bandwidth per month. No card details are required and users who choose this plan get to take advantage of our world-class proprietary speed algorithm, advanced caching mechanism, complete image optimization stack, HTML, CSS and JS minification & compression, built-in global CDN, and all other NitroPack features.

What makes us different

There are many solutions out there that offer different web performance elements - be it caching, image optimization, or CDN. NitroPack is the only solution that offers all three (and more) in a single service at a reasonable price. NitroPack users don’t have to pay for different services and don’t need to manually configure and troubleshoot different plugins and/or apps that usually do not work in unison.

Also, NitroPack is not limited to a single CMS. You can use it on WordPress/WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento, and even custom-built sites.

Another key difference is that, unlike many other solutions, NitroPack works in the cloud. Thus, it offloads heavy optimizations off of your host server and removes unnecessary overhead.

Finally, NitroPack is extremely easy to use. It requires minimum configuration and getting started with it is a matter of connecting your website to the service.

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