Excluded URLs
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With this setting, you can specify a list of URLs you would not like to be optimized.

Important Note: NitroPack automatically excludes URLs with session-related data, such as cart and checkout pages.

How to exclude individual pages

  1. Go to Caching Settings >> Cache.

  2. Navigate to Excluded URLs.

  3. Enable the option (click the toggle on the right).

  4. Enter the URL of the page you wish to exclude.

  5. For multiple pages, enter each page on a new line:


6. Click Save.

Using wildcards

With wildcards, you can exclude a group of pages with a single line.

You could use the following:


The above would exclude all pages with a .html extension in the URL, for example:


You can also use wildcards to exclude all URLs containing a specific word. For example, to exclude all category URLs (assuming they all have “category” in their name), you can write:

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