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How Does NitroPack for OpenCart Set Dynamic content cookies?
How Does NitroPack for OpenCart Set Dynamic content cookies?
Updated over a week ago

Dynamic content cookies are used to create different optimized versions of your pages for users that visit your site with some combination of cookies - for example, language + currency.

NitroPack for OpenCart automatically adjusts dynamic content cookies with all the correct values in these scenarios:

  • When the extension is first installed;

  • Anytime the settings are saved.

If you accidentally changed dynamic content cookies in your NitroPack Settings, or if you need to adjust them to their default values, there's an easy way to do so:

  1. Go to OpenCart Admin > Extensions > Modules > > Edit

  2. Toggle between on/off any of the settings, for example, the Extension Status:


That's all! If you go to your NitroPack Settings page (on the website), you should see an up-to-date list of your dynamic content cookies, all properly configured:

Note: NitroPack resets only the default cookies that it detects on your OpenCart store. If you've set any other dynamic content cookies, they'll remain intact. You can also configure non-default dynamic content cookies from the NitroPack Settings page:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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