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How to configure NitroPack for OpenCart
How to configure NitroPack for OpenCart
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NitroPack for OpenCart has two main types of settings - OpenCart Settings and Service Settings. This article is a general overview of both types of settings.

OpenCart Settings

These are used to configure NitroPack in relation to your OpenCart store. You can access and control them from any of these links in your OpenCart admin panel:

  1. Extensions > Modules >

  2. System >


Use these settings to configure:

  • 1) The NitroPack extension status - ON/OFF;

  • 2) Invalidate/Purge your cache for the entire store or only a group of pages;

  • 3) Check your monthly service usage;

  • 4) Select an optimization preset - Standard / Medium / Strong / Ludicrous / Manual;

  • 5) Fine-tune the behavior of Cache Warmup;

  • 6) Control the NitroPack compression;

  • 7) Control the behavior of your store cart while NitroPack is serving optimized pages;

  • 8) Enable/Disable NitroPack for groups of store pages - Home Page / Products / Categories / Manufacturers / Specials / Information Pages / Sitemap Information Page;

  • 9) View your PageSpeed scores;

  • 10) Configure Automatic Cache Clearing.


Service Settings

Use these to configure the behavior of the NitroPack service. These settings are accessible from:

These settings are used to fine-tune the behavior of NitroPack.

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