How to use WP-CLI with NitroPack
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What is WP-CLI?

One of the command-line tools designed exclusively for managing WordPress websites is WP-CLI. You may manage WordPress with only a few straightforward commands, eliminating the need to log in to your WordPress admin area and navigate through your pages.

In most cases, you can automate your processes and purge, invalidate, and warmup pages in a specific time frame. CRON jobs can be utilized to do that.

A CRON job is a job scheduler for Unix-like operating systems, to put it simply. This allows users to plan tasks (commands or shell scripts) to run on a regular basis at predetermined times, dates, or intervals.

Installing NitroPack with WP-CLI

To install NitroPack with WP-CLI, follow this set of commands:

wp plugin install nitropack
wp plugin activate nitropack

The above commands install the NitroPack plugin and then activate it.

WP-CLI and NitroPack: Supported Operations

For WP-CLI, NitroPack supports the following commands:

  1. Connect NitroPack
    wp nitropack connect <api_key> <api_secret>

  2. Disconnect NitroPack
    wp nitropack disconnect

  3. Do a full cache purge
    wp nitropack purge

  4. Purge the cache for a specific URL
    wp nitropack purge --purge-url=<URL>

  5. Invalidate the cache for the entire website
    wp nitropack invalidate

  6. Run our Cache Warmup
    wp nitropack warmup

Example Commands and Automation

One of the most useful commands that we can offer is for purging the cache for a specific URL.

This is great if you want to refresh the cache more frequently for specific pages only.

For example, purging a specific page:

wp nitropack purge --purge-url=

This can also be automated in a CRON job, say once every 24 hours:

0 0 * * * /path/to/wp-cli/wp --path=/path/to/your/website nitropack purge --purge-url=

You could also automate a full cache purge to be executed every 7 days:

0 0 * * 0 /path/to/wp-cli/wp --path=/path/to/your/website nitropack purge

The paths in the CRON job need to be adjusted based on where WP CLI is installed on the server and the path to your website.

Your hosting provider can help you obtain these paths, as well as set up the CRON job.

📌If you need any assistance or have questions, you can always reach out to our support team at [email protected] or via this link:

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