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Using NitroPack with Multilingual Plugins for Global Success
Using NitroPack with Multilingual Plugins for Global Success
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Multilingual plugins are a great way to attract a global audience by offering content in a user’s native language. However, to guarantee the ultimate user experience, multilingual plugins need to be supported by performance optimization tools. This is where NitroPack comes in, offering robust solutions that complement your multilingual setup effortlessly.

NitroPack’s Integration with Multilingual Plugins

NitroPack enhances the functionality of multilingual websites by ensuring that each language version of your pages is optimized and delivered efficiently.

The most popular multilingual solutions automatically add switchers under language specific URLs. For instance, if you have a French version of your website, its URL will look like this –

For NitroPack to be able to optimize all your website versions, you need to make sure that all translated URLs are added to your sitemap.

That’s it.

NitroPack will automatically apply its optimizations without requiring you to apply any specific configurations.

Enabling Cache Warmup

To speed up the optimization process, make sure that Cache Warmup is enabled:

  1. Log into Your NitroPack Account

  2. Navigate to ‘Cache Insights’

  3. Find ‘Cache Warmup’ and click “Edit”

NitroPack automatically prefetches and fills out your sitemap XML. All you need to do is click “Update”:

Cache Warmup will prepare optimized versions of your pages without having to wait for organic traffic.

This translates into:

  • Faster page load times

  • Better user experience

  • Search engines are able to crawl your site more efficiently,

NitroPack is Compatible with The Following Multilingual Plugins

NitroPack offers seamless compatibility with top multilingual plugins, including:

  • MultilingualPress

  • Polylang

  • Weglot

Working with Other Multilingual Plugins

NitroPack is also compatible with other multilingual plugins. However, their integration may require additional settings adjustments to achieve optimal performance of both services.

If a plugin you’re using is missing from our integrations list, you can request it by contacting our Support team at [email protected], or you can do it yourself from your NitroPack app >> Integrations:

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