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Why Doesn't NitroPack Optimize My Website's Pages?
Why Doesn't NitroPack Optimize My Website's Pages?
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This article outlines some common reasons why NitroPack doesn't optimize your website.

Website Isn't Connected To NitroPack

Make sure you’ve connected your website to NitroPack. If you haven’t, please do so by following our instructions:

Third-Party Services Aren't Integrated

If you're using any of the third-party services listed below, you’ll need to go through their integration instructions before NitroPack can work its magic.

1. Optimization errors

It is possible that there is an error when creating an optimization by NitroPack and those can vary.

For a detailed breakdown of all possible error codes related to optimization attempts, refer to this article.

2. Cloudflare

You have to apply a few additional settings for Cloudflare to work with NitroPack. We have a separate article describing how to do so. Please refer to it via the link below.

3. Reverse Proxy (Varnish, NGINX, etc.)

If you’re using a Reverse Proxy server, you need to configure a few settings to synchronize both caches. Again, we have a separate article on the topic.

4. Sucuri

If your website is protected by Sucuri, you must configure API access, so NitroPack can sync both caches and ensure the best possible performance. Check out our article to see how you can do that.

5. Compatibility Issues

Other tools, services and hosting setups may also require additional configuration to work correctly with NitroPack. Please visit the Compatibilities page in our Help Center to check if you're working with one of these tools, services and hosting providers.

6. Optimizations, Pageviews, or CDN Limit Reached

If you've been using NitroPack for a while, you might've reached your plan's resource limit.

Go to your NitroPack Dashboard to check if that's the case. If you've maxed out your resources, you need to wait until next month's reset or upgrade to a plan with higher limits.

7. Test mode enabled

It is possible that at some point in the past or during testing, our Test mode feature has been enabled.

This will prevent optimizations of live pages from being made.

Please visit our Test mode article to learn more about the feature and how to deactivate it.

8. Missing Webhook links

For NitroPack to work and inform your website of any new optimizations that are made, there are three webhook links that are made.

You should check via our NitroPack dashboard -> Settings -> General whether they are present:

If the fields are blank, this can easily be fixed by re-connecting NitroPack.

If you've checked everything listed above, but NitroPack still doesn't optimize your website, please you can contact our Support team using the chat bubble on the bottom right of this page.

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