Using Video Facades
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NitroPack's Video Facades feature offers a solution for optimizing website performance by lazy loading iframe embeds.

What are Video Facades?

Video Facades is a feature within NitroPack designed to improve page load times by replacing embedded videos (like those from YouTube or Vimeo) with a static image (thumbnail). This means that instead of loading the entire video player and its resources when the page loads, only the thumbnail is loaded initially. The video content is loaded and activated only when the user interacts with the placeholder image, ensuring a smoother and faster browsing experience.

Why you should enable Video Facades on your website

  • Faster Page Load Times: By deferring the loading of video content until the user engages with it, your web pages load faster, improving user experience.

  • Improved Performance: With reduced initial resource consumption, your website's overall performance and speed scores can significantly improve, positively impacting user engagement.

  • Bandwidth Optimization: Video Facades conserve bandwidth by not loading videos until requested, which is especially beneficial for mobile users or those on limited data plans.

Implementing Video Facades with NitroPack

To utilize Video Facades with NitroPack, follow these steps:

Access your NitroPack dashboard and navigate to the Cache Settings related to Images and Media.

Find the Video Facades option and enable it for your site via the toggle button.

Below, you’ll find three additional options to set up:

  • Choosing the size and quality of the thumbnails for YouTube videos;

  • Choosing the size and quality of the thumbnails for Vimeo videos;

  • Detecting theme video overlays: some themes allow configuring an overlay for embedded videos. By ticking the box, NitroPack will display that overlay instead of the video thumbnail before the video is loaded.

Finally, don’t forget to clear your cache. Go to your dashboard and click “Purge all cache”:


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