NitroPack plugin settings in WordPress
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Cache Warmup

The cache warmup system has two primary functions:

  1. Keeping the site optimized when automated cache purges happen

  2. Preemptively optimizing your homepage and all pages linked from it. You can additionally go to to enter your sitemap so NitroPack can optimize the entire website if you are on a paid plan.

The warmup system prepares optimized versions of your pages without having to wait for organic traffic. This is effective as it helps you prepare your pages for visitors without relying on organic traffic.

If this option is disabled, NitroPack only optimizes your pages after an organic user visit.

Enabling this option results in NitroPack optimizing your homepage and the pages linked from the homepage automatically, simulating organic user requests.

While this option is enabled, NitroPack automatically re-optimizes any purged or invalidated pages.

HTML Compression

Enabling this option ensures NitroPack serves compressed HTML content.

In some cases, compression may already be performed by your web server or additional 3rd party plugins. In such cases, it is okay to disable this option.

You can enable HTML compression from your account or through the NitroPack plugin in your WordPress Dashboard:

You can use this tool to see if compression is active on your site:

Cart Cache

Cart Cache is a WooCommerce feature that allows a fast browsing experience for all online shoppers who have added an item (or a few) to the cart. Before, if a visitor added a product to their cart and continued to browse the site, the cache was disabled because the cart is dynamic for every user.

With Cart Cache, the experience remains seamless, regardless if the user has a product in their cart or not.

Simply toggle the feature on via your NitroPack plugin in your WordPress dashboard:

Keep in mind that although the pages remain optimized, NitroPack still does not optimize the website’s cart and checkout pages, as those contain dynamic content unique for every visitor.

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