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How to Navigate Your Affiliate Dashboard
How to Navigate Your Affiliate Dashboard
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The Affiliate dashboard is your centralized hub for everything related to your partnership with NitroPack—from generating links and requesting payouts to tracking your referrals and downloading promotional resources.

Here’s everything you need to know to make the most out of your dashboard.

Getting Started

Note: You can now apply for our affiliate program from our website or create an account and apply directly from our app.

After your affiliate application is accepted, log into the NitroPack app and navigate to Account >> Affiliate:

On the welcome page, you will see your first affiliate link:

You can copy it and start using it immediately.

If you want to proceed forward to your dashboard, click “Continue to dashboard:”

Around Your Dashboard

The home screen of your dashboard includes four widgets:

1. Earnings – Overview of your payouts, both unpaid and total lifetime earnings.

Important: To ensure timely payment of your earnings, provide your personal details in the “Your details” tab.

To request a payout, your unpaid balance must reach a minimum of $100.

Then, you can click “Request payout,” enter the desired amount, and choose a payment method:

2. Users – Overview of your successfully converted users, divided by current paying users and total lifetime signups.

3. Commissions – Overview of your commission rate and the average earnings per sale.

4. Affiliate link clicks – Overview of your top 5 most clicked links and all your earnings for the specified period.

You can filter the data by period, selecting Today, Yesterday, Last 7/30/Month, or a custom range:

Links and coupons

From the “Links and coupons” tab, you can track how your links and coupons perform.

Also, you can quickly generate new links by clicking “Generate new link:”

Simply enter the URL of your target landing page and click “Generate link:”

Your affiliate code will be automatically added, and the new link will appear in the Affiliate links table.


From the “Referral” tab, you can get an overview of all your successful referrals.

You can also filter them by Subscription and Subscription type:

Payout history

Use the “Payout history” tab to track the status of your payout requests.

Each request is added to the table along with:

  • Request date

  • Payout

  • Payment method

  • Status

Your details

Your details” is a tab you must visit immediately after being accepted into the program.

Only after you enter your personal and billing information we will be able to approve your payout requests.


Resources” is your go-to tab for downloading NitroPack logos, our Fact Sheet, or any specific promo banners.

That is everything you need to know about your Affiliate dashboard.

We’re looking forward to your next payout request.

📌 If you need any assistance or have questions, you can contact our Support team using the chat bubble on the bottom right of this page.

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