NitroPack configuration: How to fix page and file size flagged as too big by Google

You have just tested your website via Google PageSpeed Insights, and there is a warning about Avoid enormous network payloads.”


This means that your page size or a specific file is bigger than the recommended size of 1.6MB. To pass the audit, you will need to optimize the size to fit Google’s guidelines.

How to reduce page/file size with NitroPack?

There are 8 effective ways that work on autopilot:

  1. Lazy Loading 
  2. Minify JS and CSS
  3. Optimize Images and Convert Them to WebP 
  4. Delay JS Execution and Remove Unused JS
  5. Use Fewer fonts and Optimize Fonts
  6. Reduce Unused CSS
  7. Remove Unnecessary Content, Widgets, and Plugins
  8. Implement Browser Caching and GZIP Compression

✅ With NitroPack, all the above optimizations are covered without the need to install any other additional plugins or do manual work to solve them.

You already have NitroPack, but the warning is showing nevertheless?

This can happen in two cases:

1. You have exclusions added to your NitroPack account. You can see if you have exclusions via your NitroPack Dashboard > Settings > General > Excluded Resources (Images, JavaScript, CSS, etc.).

2. You have self-hosted videos included on the page.


NitroPack, unfortunately, does not optimize self-hosted videos, as the files are usually large and would consume a lot of bandwidth.

We do, however, lazy load iFrames, and more information on that topic can be found in our article:

To solve this, you can add the videos in an iFrame container by using a service such as Youtube or Vimeo, which NitroPack can lazy load and therefore optimize.

📌 If you need any assistance or have questions, reach out to our support team at or via this link:

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