NitroPack GDPR Data Processing Agreement (Template)

Important: If you operate on the territory of the EU, or have visitors from the EU, you are required by law to inform your customers when providing their personal data to third parties. You can use our template or add this info by yourself.

Either way, information about our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) and a link to it needs to be included in your Privacy Policy. Here’s a template that you can add to your Privacy Policy in relation to how NitroPack uses personal information by your users:

Personal data provided to third parties

We provide personal data to NitroPack as arranged in NitroPack’s GDPR Data Processing Agreement (DPA).
NitroPack plays the role of data processor, as we have appointed NitroPack for the provision of website optimization services.
The provision of website optimization services may include processing, modifying, and hosting of the publicly accessible content of our website and storing the personal data of our end users. The only data that NitroPack stores are IP addresses.
Visit NitroPack’s DPA for more information. 

What personal data does NitroPack collect?

The only personal data that we keep from your visitors is their IP address. The IP address is used to detect potential abuse of the NitroPack system and for identifying bugs.

Only trained NitroPack staff have direct access to this data, and you, as a site owner, can also request the CDN logs for your auditing purposes. In other words, we use the information for fulfilling NitroPack's obligations in terms of security, service quality, and availability - nothing else.

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  • I'd like to know, for how long the information is stored? Thank you in advance, Frank

  • Hi Frank,

    You can find more information on this in Section VI. "Return and Deletion of Client Data" of our Data Processing Agreement.

    There, it's stated that "Upon termination or expiration of the Services, or at the written request of the Client, NitroPack shall (at the Client’s selection), delete or return all Personal Data, save as necessary to keep it for compliance with legal or regulatory purposes. The Personal Data shall be deleted within 60 days upon receiving a written request by the Client for deletion of the Personal data. In all other cases, NitroPack shall delete all personal data within 5 years from termination or expiration of the Services."

    If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our Data Officer at


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