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Resource Overages: Keep Serving Fast-Loading Pages After Exceeding Your Plan's Limits
Resource Overages: Keep Serving Fast-Loading Pages After Exceeding Your Plan's Limits
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Resource Overages allows you to set a monthly budget to be used if or when you reach your plan's limitations. This way, NitroPack will keep optimizing your site, and you will continue serving fast-loading pages to your visitors.

Overages are an amazing functionality, especially during periods of high traffic, such as:

  • Black Friday

  • Christmas

  • Introduction of a new product

  • Special sale

  • Boxing day

  • And any other occasion that brings attention to your website.

By enabling it, you won’t have to worry that the sudden spike in visitors will use up all your plan’s resources, causing NitroPack to cease functioning until the next month’s usage reset.

Furthermore, if you’re hitting your plan’s limits several times a year, it might not be cost-effective to think about upgrading your subscription.

Put simply, Resource Overages:

  • guarantees your site’s top performance at all times

  • helps you budget better

  • gives you breathing space to upgrade your subscription only when you are truly ready for it

What you should know about Resource Overages

Before showing you how to enable Resource Overages, there are some specifics you should know:

  • Resource Overages can be enabled for paid subscriptions only.

  • Resource Overages apply on an Account level; i.e., they will apply to all sites under your paid subscriptions.

Important: Your monthly budget will not be evenly distributed between all your sites. NitroPack automatically detects which site requires more resources and allocates your money to it.

  • You can set a monthly threshold (e.g., $50, $100, $250, etc.). Once the set limit is reached, you have the option to extend it, or your optimizations will be re-activated in the following usage reset.

  • You can change your monthly threshold at any time, depending on your sites’ needs.

How to enable Resource Overages

To enable Resource Overages for your account:

1. Log into your NitroPack dashboard.

2. Then, go to the Account dropdown menu and select Billing
3. You can enable Resource Overages from the Plan Details widget:


Or by scrolling down to the Resource Overages widget and clicking “Enable”


4. From the Set monthly threshold dropdown menu, set your Overages limit:

5. After you choose the amount, click on Set Limit:

A success message will appear:

If, for some reason, you want to change the limit later on, click on Change Limit, and go through the abovementioned steps again:

Important: You can’t change your limit to a threshold lower than your current overage spending. Hence, if at the beginning of the month, you set a $100 limit and you spent $63 in the first half, you can’t change your limit to $50 or below. You can change your limit to a lower threshold at the beginning of your next billing cycle, or you can contact our Support team using the chat bubble on the bottom right of this page.

Note: If you have a NitroPack account on FastSpring, you can still enable Resource overages on your own. However, by enabling overages you will initiate the migration to Stripe.

How to disable Resource Overages

To disable Overages for your account, you need to go to Resource Overages and click on Change Limit:

Then, set your monthly threshold to $0 and click Set Limit:

Overages are now disabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

I was billed more than the threshold. Why?

In case of high-traffic situations, NitroPack will continue to run optimizations on your sites which may lead to charging you slightly more than your set limit.

Can I change my overages in the middle of the month?

Yes, you can change your overages whenever you want. All you have to do is click on Change Limit and set a new monthly threshold. Keep in mind that you can’t change your threshold to a lower limit than your current overage spending. If you want to make such changes, you can contact our Support team using the chat bubble on the bottom right of this page.

Are overages applied per site or account?

Resource Overages apply on an Account level, meaning your monthly threshold will be applied to all your sites under all your subscriptions.

What limit should I set to guarantee enough resources?

You can use our Overages Calculator to estimate the ideal Resource Overages threshold you should set based on your usage of pageviews and CDN. In terms of pricing, 1 GB CDN costs $0.6, and 10,000 extra pageviews cost $2.25.

What will happen if I max out my Overages?

You will receive an email when you reach 80% of your set threshold. Then, you have the option to extend your limit or leave it as it is. If you don’t add more resources, once your account uses up your overages, NitroPack will stop optimizing your pages.

Will I be notified if I am approaching my overages limit?

We’ll notify you via email once when you reach 80% of your threshold, so you can extend your limit if you want. The next email will be at 100% when you reach your limit.

Is Resource Overages overages automatically turned on when I upgrade my account to the new subscription management system?

It depends on you whether or not they were enabled in your existing account. If you’re currently using Resource Overages, when you migrate to Stripe, they will remain enabled. If you don’t use overages, they won’t be enabled when you switch to the new system.

​​I had overages set by the NitroPack team before. What will happen when I move to the new system?

For your convenience, your Resouce Overages will be automatically enabled. Also, the monthly threshold will be set to the maximum limit (i.e. $10,000) in order to guarantee uninterrupted optimizations to your pages. You can change your limit to a lower amount whenever you want.

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