Introducing Stripe: How does it affect you as a user?
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As part of our ongoing commitment to offer the best service possible, we're introducing Stripe as an official NitroPack payment processing provider.

This move is part of the overall change in NitroPack's UI/UX and subscription management, providing you with a better experience with us. Here are some of the key benefits you can look forward to with this change:

  • User-friendly interface for managing payments easier than ever before;

  • Easier billing and subscription management

  • Flexible payment options so you can pick the one that best suits your needs;

  • Even better security under the most stringent level of certification (PCI Service Provider Level 1) so your data remains safe;

  • Improved in-house customer support to address any technical issues or inquiries in a timely manner.

How does this affect you?

Besides benefiting from an improved user experience, adding Stripe as our payment provider does not affect you directly. If you are already a paying customer of NitroPack, your payments will continue to be handled by FastSpring.

If you want to switch to our new subscription management system, you can upgrade your existing subscription or buy a new one. This will initiate the migration of your account to Stripe.

The new system empowers you to manage multiple subscriptions with ease. You can enjoy the simplicity of a single bill linked to a single payment method.

In case you have multiple subscriptions under your account, during the migration, you will need to select if you prefer to have annual or monthly payments.

Important: To streamline your billing process, the type of your next subscription (monthly or yearly) will automatically set the payment frequency for all other subscriptions in your account. This ensures a unified and manageable billing experience.

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Will your subscriptions be automatically switched to Stripe at some point?

No, they won’t. FastSpring remains our trusted partner, and we will not be switching away from them any time soon. You are the only one who can initiate the migration to Stripe by purchasing or upgrading an existing subscription.

What are the main benefits of having a NitroPack account on Stripe?

Right now, Stripe supports our new and updated subscription management system. By switching to Stripe, you can leverage several major improvements:

  • Your account will have only one billing period. This makes invoicing and budgeting a breeze, freeing you from tedious administrative tasks.

  • Along with the centralized billing period comes the sunset of mixed subscriptions. To introduce a user-friendly subscription management anyone can perform, one account can now have one type of subscriptions - either monthly or yearly. Please contact our support team using the chat bubble on the bottom right of this page to discuss a special case, and we’ll try our best to accommodate your specific needs.

  • You can single-handedly enable and disable “Resource overages. Simply select a monthly threshold limit, and NitroPack will automatically distribute the resources between the websites that need them the most. This ensures your overages are spent in the most optimal way possible. If you can decide what limit to set, use our handy resource formula. To learn more about Resource Overages, visit our in-depth article.

How can you move to Stripe?

If you want to switch to Stripe, you need to:

  • Purchase a new subscription

  • Upgrade an existing subscription

What will happen if you have a monthly subscription(s) and decide to upgrade to a yearly-based NitroPack account?

Upgrading to a yearly-based NitroPack account means your monthly subscription(s) will upgrade to yearly subscriptions. At checkout, the annual discount (you get 2 months of NitroPack for free) and proration will be applied. Once you’re done, your billing period will be centralized, and you can enjoy NitroPack optimizations all year round.

What will happen if you have a yearly subscription(s) and decide to switch to a monthly-based NitroPack account?

Switching to a monthly-based NitroPack account means your yearly subscription(s) will switch to monthly subscription(s).

In this case, the pre-paid amount will be stored as a credit to your account and will be used for future monthly payments. Direct refunds are not available.

Will my Free subscription be affected by the changes?

Users enjoying NitroPack's free subscriptions will continue to access our powerful speed and performance optimizations at no cost. Тhe available monthly resources - 1GB of CDN and 5,000 pageviews - will now be distributed across all your free subscriptions.

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