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How to Choose The Right Pricing Plan (Monthly Pageviews Check)
How to Choose The Right Pricing Plan (Monthly Pageviews Check)
Updated over a week ago

To select the right pricing plan, you need an estimation of your website’s monthly pageviews. Google Analytics (GA) can help you with that.

Check out the video or follow along with the steps below.


1. Log into your GA profile.

2. Set the date range to the last 30 days. Preferably, choose a high-traffic month.


3. Click on the drop-down menu and select Views:


4. Choose the right pricing plan for your website based on the number of pageviews.

None of the other GA metrics (sessions, users, pages, etc.) affect NitroPack. Only consider your website’s monthly pageviews when choosing a pricing plan.

Also, please note that NitroPack tracks pageviews differently than GA. The process above can give you a very good estimation. However, there will be a small difference between the pageviews you see in GA and those in your NitroPack account.

Lastly, each NitroPack also plan has limited CDN bandwidth per month. You don't need to calculate your site's CDN usage to choose a pricing plan, as we apply a standard ratio of pageviews to CDN bandwidth for every plan. For more details on why and how we use our CDN, please refer to this article on CDN bandwidth usage.

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