How does Agency Pricing work?
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You can think of your agency plan as a master subscription. All websites in your agency account use resources (i.e., pageviews and CDN bandwidth) from this master subscription.

Here's how we calculate the resources needed for your agency plan:

For each site, NitroPack's pricing is determined by the number of pageviews and the CDN bandwidth generated every month.

The monthly pageviews can be easily checked with Google Analytics. Just go to the Audience report, click on Overview and select a one month period.

CDN bandwidth is a bit trickier to measure. In general, larger pages with more resources (like images, fonts, CSS and JavaScript) generate more CDN usage than leaner pages. You can find more details about the CDN usage here:

You don't need to calculate this CDN usage for your websites beforehand. We know the standard ratio of pageviews to CDN bandwidth and apply it automatically. That's why we only ask for the number of websites and their combined monthly pageviews to create your agency plan.

However, if you have any concerns, you can always ask our team to add more CDN bandwidth to your account.

Also, you can ask our team to give you more details about the price per site for your account. This can help you calculate your margin, depending on how much you charge each of your clients for NitroPack.

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