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How to Check if NitroPack is Serving Optimized Pages to Visitors
How to Check if NitroPack is Serving Optimized Pages to Visitors
Updated over a week ago

After connecting to NitroPack, our service begins optimizing your website’s pages. To check if your website has started serving the optimized pages to visitors, follow these steps:

1. First, make sure that NitroPack has finished optimizing your site. You can do this from the Cache Status panel in your NitroPack account. Most pages (URLs) should have “Complete” as their Status.

2. Next, open an optimized page, right-click and select Inspect. From here, open the Network tab, click on Doc and refresh the page.

3. Select the first document and find the x-nitro-cache Response Header. It should have a value of HIT, indicating that cache was present and served.


If you’re using Firefox for this check, click on All and find your site’s URL in the Domain column.


You can also use the HTTP Header Spy extension for this check. This extension shows you all of the Request/Response headers for the page.


Again, you're looking for the x-nitro-cache Response Header with a value of HIT.

In rare cases, the value might be MISS, indicating that cache wasn’t found and the page was served entirely from the client server. If you go through this process and find that NitroPack doesn't serve cache to your website’s visitors, please contact us at [email protected]

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