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Files Are Not Served by Nitropack’s CDN
Files Are Not Served by Nitropack’s CDN
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When a website is optimized by NitroPack, its resources are being served through our CDN, thus a change in the URL structure is expected.

How to check if your files are being served through NitroPack’s CDN

Please follow the steps below:

1. Make sure NitroPack is optimizing your page. Check our dedicated article:

2. Right-click on the file in question (in this example, it will be an image) and choose Inspect:


3. The dev tools area will open, and on the Elements section, you will be able to see the image’s address like this:


The optimized file will have the address ‘’ before the actual URL of the image, showing that it’s loading through NitroPack’s CDN.

Here is the same image, tested without NitroPack optimizing the page:


In this case, you see there is no ‘’ but only the image’s address.

What’s next?

If your files are not being served through our CDN after activating NitroPack, please double-check the following:

Excluded Resources (Images, JavaScript, CSS, etc.)

If a specific file is not loading through NitroPack's CDN, and you've already confirmed that Nitro is currently optimizing your page, the file in question may have been excluded from optimization by adding it to the Excluded Resources section.

You can locate this section in your NitroPack’s dashboard > Under Settings, find General:


From there, you may edit the excluded resources and remove, or add any needed ones, by using this article > Excluded Resources.

Logged-in users

Your website’s files will not be loaded through NitroPack’s CDN if they are being investigated through your admin area/logged-in user.

Some exclusions are already set up

Let’s say you have excluded all of your website's inline CSS from optimization like so:


By doing so, any references to other files in this CSS code would be excluded from optimization as well, such as this piece of inline CSS:


As you can see in the above code, there is an image reference to the "preloader.gif" file.

Due to the CSS being excluded from optimization, this image would not be optimized by NitroPack either and will be served via your website's server directly.

To serve the file from our CDN, there are three options:

1. The exclusion can be removed.

2. The exclusion can be changed to target the specific code you wish to exclude better.

3. The specific CSS snippet (or other) can be moved to another place on the website to avoid exclusion.

📌 If you need any assistance or have questions, reach out to our support team at [email protected] or via this link:

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