Using the NitroPack Dashboard
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After creating an account, installing the NitroPack Connector and connecting your website, you can access your NitroPack Dashboard.

To do so, log in to, and click on the "Dashboard" button. You will see this screen:

Total Cache Status

This panel gives you an overview of how many pages have been optimized by NitroPack. You also see how many are pending or not yet optimized.

Clicking the "View Details" link redirects you to the Cache Status menu, where you can find more granular data.

Service Results

This panel gives you a general overview of three metrics:

  • Cache Hit Ratio - The percentage of requests successfully delivered from the cache.

  • Cache Size - Current disk space used by NitroPack's cache files.

  • Last Purge

Service Usage Log

This panel provides you with a quick overview of the number of page views generated and CDN bandwidth used in the last 30 days.

Clicking the "See more" link will redirect you to the dedicated menu, where you can find more detailed data about optimizations, cache purges/invalidations, and your site's daily pageviews and CDN bandwidth usage.

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