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Inside NitroPack Extension for Magento: Dashboard and Settings
Inside NitroPack Extension for Magento: Dashboard and Settings
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Orchestrate your store for optimum speed and performance, starting with what NitroPack has to offer inside the extension for Magento.


Let’s walk you through the different widgets in your extension:

  1. Optimized Pages

  2. General Settings

  3. Plan

  4. Optimization Mode

  5. Service Status

  6. Store Metrics: Before/After Comparison

Optimized Pages

This widget gives you an overview of how many pages have been optimized by NitroPack.


You can also see when the last cache purge occurred and the reason for it.

📍Clicking the number of optimizations gives you a breakdown of the number of cached pages for every page type - mobile, tablet, and desktop:


Purge Cache

Purge deletes the cached file from your site, signaling NitroPack to immediately re-optimize your site’s content. Usually, the re-optimization process takes up to a few minutes.

In most cases, you won't need to use this button. NitroPack automatically invalidates and purges the cache, depending on your actions in the Magento back end.

However, if you changed something on your site and want to show it to visitors immediately, use the Purge Cache button.

General Settings

The General Settings panel is used to control general NitroPack behavior in relation to your Magento store.


Extension Status

Use this option to Enable/Disable NitroPack on your store. This option is a master ON/OFF switch for all NitroPack features. If this is OFF, it guarantees NitroPack is disabled for your store.

Cache Warmup

Enable it to use the Cache Warmup service of NitroPack. Cache Warmup schedules optimizations for any purged or invalidated pages, ensuring they always include up-to-date content.

📍To manage NitroPack optimizations beyond Cache Warmup, click the branded “Dashboard” button. This will take you to your NitroPack dashboard, where you can access all features we offer for your plan.


This widget gives you a general overview of your subscription and resource usage for your NitroPack account:

  1. The current pricing plan that you are using.

  2. The number of resources you have used during the current billing period. For more details on this, refer to our article on resource usage.

  3. The upcoming billing date.


Optimization Mode

Use this widget to select pre-defined settings for optimizing your store. Using a preset saves you time so that you can focus on other tasks. If you want to fine-tune your website optimization, you can also test Manual mode.

  • Standard - This is a pre-defined configuration with little regard for a high PageSpeed score. Enough to get you up and running.

  • Medium - This mode is well-balanced and suitable for most cases.

  • Strong - Includes advanced features like automatic image lazy loading, resource loader, and font definition modification.

  • Ludicrous - A preset aiming to achieve the highest possible score. It may be suboptimal for very few JavaScript-heavy websites.

  • Manual - Use this to fine-tune every optimization aspect from the NitroPack dashboard.

For additional information on which mode to use, please read this article.

Service Status

The Service Status widget contains the following information:

  1. Site ID that’s unique for each website

  2. Site URL is the website URL that’s connected to NitroPack

  3. Cache Warmup Status (enabled/disabled) displays the current status of the feature

  4. Extension Status (active/inactive) displays the current status of the extension

  5. Action button to disconnect NitroPack from the currently connected instance via the NitroPack dashboard


📍To Disconnect the NitroPack extension from your NitroPack account, please visit our article on how to disconnect your Magento store from NitroPack

Store Metrics: Before/After Comparison

Use this widget to compare your PageSpeed score and other stats before and after NitroPack's optimizations.


The inspection may take up to several minutes because it performs the following long-running actions:

  1. Optimizes your website for Mobile.

  2. Optimizes your website for Desktop.

  3. Tests PageSpeed without NitroPack on Mobile devices.

  4. Tests PageSpeed with NitroPack on Mobile devices.

  5. Tests PageSpeed without NitroPack on Desktop devices.

  6. Tests PageSpeed with NitroPack on Desktop devices.

📍Use the Refresh button in the top right corner to perform a new check.

To fine-tune and manage the full list of features and functionalities available for your NitroPack plan, please visit your NitroPack Dashboard.

Should you have any questions, you can contact our Support team using the chat bubble on the bottom right of this page.

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