Custom CSS
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This feature allows you to customize the appearance of any element. You can add your own CSS styles and override the default styles of your website theme.

When do I need to use this option?

You can use it to fine-tune the styles of some of your site elements during page loading, before JavaScript execution.

Usually, you would use Custom CSS to add missing rules to your styles, which are added dynamically at a later stage by your JavaScript. For example, if a slider appears misaligned during page loading, you can try to fine-tune it with Custom CSS. Doing this may help solve a flickering/sizing issue during page loading.

How do I configure Custom CSS?

1. Log into the NitroPack app.

2. Go to Cache Settings >> HTML & CSS and scroll down to Custom CSS.

3. Enable the option (click the toggle on the right).

4. Type your CSS rules in the text box
โ€‹ Example: .overlay { display: none; }

5. Click Save and do a full cache purge to apply the change on all pages. You can do this from the NitroPack Dashboard.

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