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How to Connect Multiple WordPress Installations to NitroPack
How to Connect Multiple WordPress Installations to NitroPack
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By design, each WordPress installation is expected to be connected to a corresponding site entry in NitroPack. This means that you must have as many NitroPack sites as the number of WordPress installations you would like to connect. Because of some edge case situations, this requirement was previously not enforced.

What this means is that if you have a production site ( and a staging version ( you must register each of them separately in your NitroPack account.

Since version 1.5.5 of the NitroPack WordPress plugin, you can no longer connect more than one WordPress instance (installation) to the same site entry in NitroPack.

That’s why you might see this error message when you try to connect your NitroPack plugin:


Prior to version 1.5.5, you were able to connect two (or more) WordPress installations simultaneously to the same site registration in your NitroPack plugin. This, however, causes many issues stemming from the fact that all installations were sharing the same Site ID and Site Secret, resulting in:

  • Race conditions in changes to NitroPack’s configuration;

  • Inconsistencies related to the cache purge of the many installations;

  • Mixed up styles between the multiple instances.

If you end up in a situation where you believe NitroPack has incorrectly prevented a connection that should otherwise go through, there are several options for you to get past this and proceed with the connecting process:

Solution #1: Disconnect the plugin

The first (and preferred) way to fix this issue is to disconnect NitroPack from the other currently connected instance via the WordPress dashboard:


Once this is done, try connecting to the desired WordPress instance again.

Solution #2: Delete Webhooks from your NitroPack Dashboard

If you attempted solution #1 but still see the error message, you need to visit your NitroPack Dashboard and delete your Webhooks.

Here’s how to do it:

Then, click on the "Webhooks" tab and delete all three of them:

Finally, “Save” your changes:

Then, go back to your WordPress dashboard, refresh the page, and connect NitroPack to the correct installation.

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