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NitroPack vs. Fast Web Hosting Providers
Updated over a week ago

A common misconception is that good web hosting is all you need for a fast website. While speedy hosting definitely helps, it’s not enough in this day and age. Here’s why:

A fast server can only speed up your server response time (TTFB). This means that the page structure is delivered to your clients fast.

However, visualizing the page structure on client devices is a much bigger issue. If your clients’ devices receive the page structure fast, but they can’t display it quickly, you’re still stuck with a slow website. That’s why you also need a speed optimization solution like NitroPack.

For example, here are three crucial performance problems that hosting providers don’t solve:

  • Unoptimized images - often the biggest reason for slow load times, images must be resized, compressed and converted to the right type;

  • Render-blocking resources - browsers must load, parse and execute all CSS and JS files before rendering a page. Without a resource loading mechanism, this process takes tons of time, hurting the visitor’s experience;

  • Defer (lazy load) offscreen images - lazy loading helps the browser load only the images that visitors are currently looking at. Without this technique, browsers load all images on the page, regardless if the user wants to look at them.

Speed optimization solutions like NitroPack do all of these and much more.

And unlike other solutions, NitroPack’s optimizations go to great lengths in optimizing every aspect of the page loading process. As a result, the performance gains are typically much better than any other solution can provide while being extremely stable.

Also, everything happens in the cloud. That’s why the optimization process adds virtually no overhead on your server, leaving it headroom to serve clients and do administration work.

In short:

Good web hosting is not a substitute for NitroPack. In fact, a fast hosting server has nothing to do with the optimizations performed by our service.

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