Failed Payments
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In case of a failed payment, check the 3 factors listed below as they may have caused the issue:

1. Your Account's Funds

The payment won’t be accepted if there aren’t enough funds in your account.

On the other hand, if your order failed, but funds were still withdrawn, they’ll be returned to you automatically.

In that case, the transaction amount might be pre-authorized. The pre-authorization is a temporary hold of the funds that will drop off in a few days. The exact timeframe depends on your card issuer.

You can check for pre-authorizations in your card statement or PayPal profile.

Also, if you’re using your PayPal balance, the payment attempt might fail because the payment may require a registered credit card or bank account in your PayPal account.

In some situations, we may contact you if additional steps are required.

2. Your Account Country and Payment Method Country

When you create your NitroPack account, you’re asked to select a country.


Your payment method must also be registered in the same country.

  • For Debit/Credit cards, this is the country where the card was issued

  • For PayPal, this is country of the default shipping address that you enter when you create your PayPal account

Make sure your account country and payment method country is the same.

You can change your account country from NitroPack’s dashboard.

Log into your account and go to “Account". Once you select a new country, click “Save” and you’re done.


Feel free to retry your payment after changing your account country.

3. Your Geographic Location and Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service

When you’re not in the country where your card is registered, your payment attempt may be flagged as risky.

If that happens, please contact us directly ([email protected]), so we can arrange an alternative payment.

Your VPN service can also cause a payment attempt to be flagged as risky.

This happens when you use your VPN to circumvent the geolocation check. For example, if you’re in the UK, but your VPN server is the USA, the transaction attempt may fail.

In that case, make sure to disable your VPN service during the transaction.

4. Payment Attempt Leading To 404 Error

In some cases, your payment attempt may lead to a non-existent page (404 error).


If that happens, please retry your payment attempt.

In case you get the same problem on your second attempt, contact our Merchant of Record - FastSpring.

For more information about a failed payment, you can reach FastSpring at:


You can also get in touch with us at [email protected]

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