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Automatic Cache Purge on Product Attributes in Magento
Automatic Cache Purge on Product Attributes in Magento
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NitroPack allows you to set automatic cache purge for specific attributes. Here’s everything you need to know and how to enable it.

1. What Does Purge Cache Do?

Purging the NitroPack cache in Magento clears stored data, ensuring that users see the most recent version of a product or page. This process is crucial for maintaining an updated, efficient online store and ensuring your visitors are exposed to the latest information about your product offerings.

2. Why and When Should Cache be Purged for Products?

Cache should be purged whenever product attributes are updated, especially for attributes critical to the purchasing process, such as available units and colors. This practice ensures immediate reflection of changes, offering accurate information to customers and maintaining optimal site performance.

3. Control Automatic Cache Purge with NitroPack

Purging cache, especially for stores with thousands of products, can be resource-intensive and potentially strain performance. NitroPack empowers Magento users to selectively determine which attribute changes trigger a cache purge, offering precise control and optimizing performance without unnecessary cache clearing.

4. How It Works

In Magento's Admin interface, under Stores >> Product, administrators can configure cache purge settings.

For each attribute, there’s an option “Purge Nitro Cache” in the “Values Required” section, with a 'Yes' or 'No' dropdown menu. The default value for this setting is 'Yes.'

Editing Existing Attributes

When updating existing attributes, setting “Purge Nitro Cache” to 'Yes' prompts NitroPack to automatically clear the cache, making changes immediately visible on the storefront.

To adjust this setting, click on the attribute and in the 'Purge Nitro Cache' section, choose whether changes in this attribute should trigger an automatic cache purge.

Adding a New Attribute

The “Purge Nitro Cache” option is also available for new product attributes, ensuring consistent cache management across all product features.

Change Log Visibility

In the NitroPack dashboard (System >> NitroPack >> Settings), you will see a widget in the bottom-right corner that shows attributes configured for cache purges upon changes.

This widget helps administrators effectively track and manage their cache preferences. Additionally, a “Manage All Attributes” quick access button provides a shortcut to the Products section and its attributes.

Note: The "Purge Nitro Cache" feature was released with NitroPack version 2.6.0.

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