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How to Use Ignored Cache Tags in NitroPack for Magento Extension
How to Use Ignored Cache Tags in NitroPack for Magento Extension
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An important aspect of having exceptional performance and user experience on Magento websites is effective cache tag management. Cache tags are essential for identifying elements on a page, such as products, categories, or blocks, ensuring proper caching and intelligent purging when edited.

However, handling cache tags can be challenging. Editing these tags can significantly slow down your site due to extensive cache purging, similar to executing a Purge All Cache command.

This is where the Ignored Cache Tags feature in our Magento extension comes into play.

What Are Ignored Cache Tags?

Ignored Cache Tags is a feature available in NitroPack for Magento version 2.8.0 and above. It allows you to specify certain tags that should be excluded during cache purging, giving you greater control over cache management.

Why Use Ignored Cache Tags?

Imagine updating a category or product on your Magento site, which is present on almost every page. This action triggers a cache purge for all associated tags, potentially slowing down your site's performance. However, with Ignored Cache Tags, you can prevent this unnecessary purging for specific tags, ensuring smoother operation and faster loading times.

How Ignored Cache Tags Work

When you enable Ignored Cache Tags and edit content related to one of these tags, the change will not trigger a cache purge—except for when you perform a full cache purge. This means that while updating specific elements like categories or products, associated cache tags won't be needlessly cleared, leading to improved performance.

Accessing Ignored Cache Tags

To use the Ignored Cache Tags in NitroPack for Magento, navigate to Magento Admin > Stores > Settings > Configuration > NitroPack > Ignore Cache Tags.

Examples of Ignored Cache Tags in Action

For example, if you update a category like "cat_c_2," the associated products won't be invalidated unnecessarily, preserving cache integrity and enhancing performance.

Examples #1

In another scenario, updating categories like "cat_c_*" won't trigger cache invalidation for all associated products, leading to smoother operation and improved user experience.

Examples #2

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