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Optimize Google-Hosted Fonts with NitroPack
Optimize Google-Hosted Fonts with NitroPack
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Once enabled, the "Optimize Google Hosted Fonts" feature overrides font rendering behavior, focusing specifically on Google-hosted fonts.

NitroPack’s innovative font optimization technology enables a smoother, visually appealing, and efficient browsing experience by streamlining how Google Fonts are rendered.

With a 'swap' rendering strategy in place, a fallback font is promptly displayed. This is then subsequently swapped with the desired Google Font once fully loaded, eliminating delays associated with blank text or invisible fonts during loading and maintaining an engaging user interface.

How to activate the “Optimize Google hosted Fonts” option

Log in to your NitroPack dashboard.

Go to Cache Settings and open the Fonts tab:

Enable “Optimize Google hosted fonts” using the toggle button:

Finally, don’t forget to clear your cache. Go to your dashboard and click “Purge all cache”:

How to see if the “Optimize Google hosted Fonts” option is working?

Before enabling the option, you should be able to see the Google-hosted fonts in the DevTools > Network > Fonts being loaded from “” like this:

After the option is enabled and the cache has been rebuilt, the fonts should now load from “” like this:

Congrats! Your Google-hosted fonts are successfully optimized.

📌 If you need any assistance or have questions, you can contact our Support team using the chat bubble on the bottom right of this page.

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