What to Do if Your Site Appears Broken?

In some rare cases, when NitroPack is active, your website may appear with broken or non-responsive sections. This could be related to either NitroPack settings or a conflict with other plugins. 

Here are a few steps you can test yourself before reaching out to our Support team for further assistance:

1️⃣ Make sure NitroPack is the culprit

You can test the non-optimized version in two ways to make sure we are not causing the issue:

1. Open a new tab and test the problematic URL by adding ?nonitro at the end of it ( ex. https://yourwebsite.com/page/?nonitro )

Adding our ?nonitro parameter to any URL will ensure that the page will show a non-optimized version.

2. Activate Safe Mode
You can use Safe Mode to test NitroPack in an isolated environment. This way, we would not serve optimizations to live pages.


If the issue persists and you wish to be entirely sure, go to the admin panel of your website and disconnect NitroPack altogether. Then, you can check if the issue persists in an incognito tab.


2️⃣Perform a full cache purge

In rare cases, some of your resources might not be correctly cached. A full purge will delete all cached files, and NitroPack will start optimizing your entire site all over again.


3️⃣Disable the Reduce Unused CSS feature (if applicable)

If you have the Reduce Unused CSS feature enabled, try disabling it.


Although it greatly helps with removing unused CSS, it may cause unexpected visual issues on the site, especially on the mobile version. 

To run a risk-free test, we recommend trying this on a development copy of the site, if such is available, or enabling Safe Mode.

You can enable Safe mode through the NitroPack dashboardSettings General Safe Mode.

4️⃣Switch to a less aggressive optimization mode

The fastest way to check if a setting is causing the issues would be to downgrade to a less aggressive optimization mode.


Don’t forget to save your settings after switching modes.

You can learn about each optimization mode via the Mode Comparison button.


5️⃣Switch to Custom Mode

Enabling Custom Mode will allow you to disable any feature you’d like to troubleshoot.

⚠️ Don’t forget to purge your cache and test your website in an incognito tab after applying the abovementioned changes.

In case you have identified the cause for the issue, you can:

  • Disable the feature
  • Tweak its settings (if any)

When making changes to the configuration, we recommend running PSI tests, as the overall performance might be affected.

📌If you wish to keep the particular feature enabled, or none of the above steps helped, please reach out to our Support team at support@nitropack.io or via this link: https://support.nitropack.io/hc/en-us/requests/new

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