Quick Guide for Multisite Users

As a multisite user, you can manage two or more websites from your NitroPack account.

Important: If your site uses WordPress Multisite Network or OpenCart/Magento Multistore, please refer to this article - https://support.nitropack.io/hc/en-us/articles/4407882927761.

In this guide, we cover how to:

How to Add Websites to Your Account

To add a new website to your account, log in to your profile and click on “Add new website”.


Once the pop-up window opens, enter the website’s URL and name.

If you want the site to be associated with your multisite paid plan, select “Paid Subscription”. Conversely, to add a website with a free plan, select “Free Subscription”.

After clicking “Proceed”, you need to connect the website to NitroPack. Follow the steps from the articles below to quickly do that:

How to Move a Site From Another Account to Yours (Reclamation)

In some cases, websites associated with a certain NitroPack account can be claimed by your account.
Please note that you can only move (reclaim) sites that are not using a paid plan. If the site you want to reclaim is on a paid subscription, you have to contact our support team.
To start the reclamation process, click on “New Website”. Once the pop-up window appears, click on the “Your website is registered to another account?” text at the bottom.


You’ll be taken to a new screen with instructions on how to verify ownership of the site. Follow these instructions to complete the process. The site's settings will remain the same after the reclamation.

How to Switch Between Websites

It’s always essential to keep track of which site you’re currently logged in to. That site is highlighted in the top left corner.

You can see a list of all the sites in your account by clicking “See all connected sites”.


This opens a new pop-up window. To select the site you want to log in to, click the icon next to it.


To verify you’re logged in to the correct website, check its name in the top left corner. It should be highlighted in purple.


Important Note: Any changes you make will only affect the website you’re currently managing. Don’t forget to double-check whether you’re in the right site before making any changes.

How to Upgrade a Site From The Free Plan to Your Multisite Subscription

To add a site that is currently on a free plan to your multisite subscription, log in to the site and click on “Billing”.


Next, click on “Move to Multi-Site Subscription”.


Once the pop-up window appears, click OK and you’re done.



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