How to Check NitroPack's Effect (Before/After) on Any Page

After connecting to NitroPack, our service starts optimizing your website. You can follow this process and see which pages are ready in the “Cache Status” panel.


Here’s the easiest way to see the results of NitroPack’s optimizations on any page:

  • Test an optimized page with PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix, or any other speed test tool;


  • In a separate tab, test an unoptimized version of the same page by adding ?nonitro to the URL, like so: Adding ?nonitro to any optimized URL loads its original version, without NitroPack;


  • Compare the results from both tests.

This is also a great way to check for visual inconsistencies after the optimization. Just open the optimized page ( and its unoptimized version ( in separate tabs.

In short, the ?nonitro URL parameter lets you quickly compare pages with and without NitroPack.


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