WordPress Multisite Network and OpenCart/Magento Multistore Setup for NitroPack

If your site uses WordPress Multisite Network or OpenCart/Magento Multistore, each subsite/store has to be added to your NitroPack Dashboard separately.
To add a new subsite/store to your account, log in to your profile and click on “Add new website”.
Once the pop-up window opens, enter the website’s URL and name.
If you want the site to be associated with your multisite paid plan, select “Paid Subscription”. Conversely, to add a site with a free plan, select “Free Subscription”.
Once added, each site will show up as a separate entity in your Dashboard.
Since each site is a separate entity, it needs to be individually connected to NitroPack. To do that, first, make sure you're logged into the correct site. It should be the first one from top to bottom (highlighted in purple).
After that, follow the steps from the articles below:
Important: Each subsite/store you add has a different Site ID and Site Secret, which you can find here - https://nitropack.io/user/connect. Please make sure to use the correct ones during the connection process. Also, don't use each pair on more than one site to avoid cache serving issues.
Additionally, since each subsite/store has a different Cache Warmup tab, you can configure it with its own sitemap. This is especially useful when using WPML since each language often has a separate sitemap. Check out this article for more info regarding NitroPack and WPML.
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