NitroPack and Google Optimize
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Google Optimize (GO) a tool for A/B, multivariate and redirect testing. You can use it to compare different versions of your pages and gather data.

People often get confused that GO is a performance optimization tool. In reality, it’s actually used to “optimize” your CTAs, user engagement, etc., by allowing you to test multiple versions of your pages and determine the best one.

But you can use it in combination with NitroPack to boost your page speed.

Some additional configurations may be required for both tools to work correctly. This depends on how GO is installed on your website:

Mainly, the GTM script has to be excluded from optimization. You can do that with the “Excluded Resources” feature from the “General Settings” menu.

  • Enter *googletagmanager* under “Asset URL/Code”

  • Select “JavaScript” for the Resource Type

  • Select “Inline” for the Resource Relation

  • Don’t change the devices or operations


Remember to click "Add Exclude" and to save your settings.

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