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How to Use NitroPack's Settings Menu
How to Use NitroPack's Settings Menu
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The Cache Settings menu allows you to fine-tune the optimizations NitroPack applies on your website.

Here's everything you need to know to successfully operate with NitroPack's settings:

1. Optimization modes

Each of our Optimization modes includes a set of pre-enabled features.

You can find them in the General menu and easily switch between modes by just clicking on the one you prefer:

Important: After switching between modes, your settings will be automatically saved. Make sure to purge your cache so NitroPack can re-optimize your site's pages.

The default optimization mode is Ludicrous. It's our most aggressive mode and typically the best-performing one. However, every site is different, so feel free to try the other modes in case Ludicrous is not optimal for you.

In case you are interested in the differences between the predefined optimization modes, check out the comparison table:

2. Settings

Next, you will see all NitroPack's settings separated into different categories:

​Еvery pre-configured mode comes with a predefined set of optimizations enabled.

Again, you can get back to the comparison table to learn what optimizations are enabled in each optimization mode:

Of course, you can manually enable and disable settings on your own and fine-tune how NitroPack will operate on your site.

This leads us to the final element of the settings menu - Custom mode.

3. Custom Mode

The one thing we didn't cover in the Optimization Modes paragraph is the Custom Mode:

If you decide to manually fine-tune NitroPack's settings, you will be automatically switched to our Custom mode.

You should know that we've arrived at the pre-configured NitroPack modes through tons of testing and iterations. They ensure stability for all users, regardless of their technical expertise.

That's why we advise not using the Custom mode if you don't have a specific reason for changing the default setup of any pre-configured mode.

Similar to the other four modes, you must save your settings and purge your cache to apply your customizations. The changes will take effect after the new optimizations are done.

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