General Settings
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The General Settings panel is used to control general NitroPack's behavior in relation to your OpenCart store.


Extension Status

Use this option to Enable/Disable NitroPack on your store. This option is a master ON/OFF switch for all NitroPack features. If this is OFF, it guarantees NitroPack is inactive for your store.

Cache Warmup

Enable this to use the Cache Warmup service of NitroPack. Cache Warmup schedules optimizations for any purged or invalidated pages, ensuring your pages are always optimized with the up-to-date information.

To learn more about Cache Warmup, refer to this article.

Allow Cart

With this enabled, your site serves optimized pages to buyers with items in their shopping cart.

The cart will load with a slight delay after the page loads.

This option may not work well on some themes. If you see issues with your cart, try to disable this option and purge your site's cache.

GZIP Compression

Use this option to enable/disable compression by NitroPack. Typically, you would need to have this option enabled.

In case you see your site showing up as strange unreadable characters instead of your regular content, disable this option.

Debug Log & Error Log

These logs are handy for developers and tech support in case they need to inspect the behavior of NitroPack on your store.

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