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How to Test/Disable/Disconnect The NitroPack Extension for Magento
How to Test/Disable/Disconnect The NitroPack Extension for Magento
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If necessary, NitroPack can be temporarily or permanently turned off. Several options are possible:

  • Enable NitroPack Test Mode

  • Disable NitroPack extension

  • Disconnect the website from the NitroPack service

NitroPack Test Mode

Use NitroPack’s Test Mode for testing NitroPack’s features and settings in an isolated environment.

That way, you can experiment without the risk of breaking your website and affecting your visitor’s experience.

To enable Test Mode, go to your Magento Dashboard:

While this mode is active, you can access the test (optimized) version of any page by adding ?testnitro=1 to its URL, like this:

Note: While you have Test Mode enabled NitroPack optimizations on your website halt. While this mode is active, the website visitor will see the “original” content (not optimized by NitroPack).

Disabling NitroPack extension

To temporarily disable your NitroPack extension, go to its dashboard in Magento and find the General Settings widget.

Use the toggle button next to Extension Status to turn it off. In this case, site visitors will see the non-optimized store until the extension is enabled again.

Disconnect your website from NitroPack

To disconnect your webstore from the NitroPack optimization services, visit the extension’s dashboard in Magento and click "Disconnect NitroPack plugin":

Important: Disconnecting your website from the NitroPack optimization does not mean your NitroPack subscription is canceled.

If you decide that you want to stop using NitroPack, go to "Billing" panel and click on Manage >> Cancel:

Then, complete the steps of the cancelation process.

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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