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The Cache is Cleared Too Frequently: What to Do
The Cache is Cleared Too Frequently: What to Do
Updated over a week ago

Are you suspicious that your website cache is being cleared too frequently and without a logical explanation?

Here are the two symptoms that can imply there’s an actual problem:

  • There is a random number of cached pages.

  • You experience a sudden slowness on some pages.

How to Identify The Reasons for The Cache Clearing

You can check the reasons for the cache clearing via your NitroPack Dashboard:

1. Navigate to Analytics.

2. Make sure that you are on the Events history tab.

3. From there, you can see any optimization/purge/invalidation event for your website.

You can even analyze a specific day via the calendar.

Furthermore, you can check when NitroPack purges/invalidates your cache files and what action triggers the cache clearance:

Known Issues

It is a known issue that some 3rd party plugins may cause NitroPack to clear your website cache frequently. If you are using a plugin that imports products (e.g., WP All Import, Product CSV Import Suite, etc.) to your website, this action is likely triggering the cache purge/validation.

You can disable the plugin/plugins responsible for this and check if the issue continues.

📌If it does, you may reach out to our support team at [email protected] or via this link: so we can check further.

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