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Why Is My Website's wp-admin Area Slow?
Why Is My Website's wp-admin Area Slow?
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While NitroPack comes with an arsenal of optimization features, it does not affect the backend area of your website.

Areas like the wp-admin are dynamic/session-related and, as such, are not covered by our plugin when it comes to performance optimization.

Common reasons for a slower backend

There are different reasons why the backend of a website loads slower, unrelated to NitroPack. Here are some of the most common instances:

1. Too many or heavy plugins

Some plugins can make the backend of your website slower due to the way they function and the number of operations they execute.

2. The site’s theme

Similar to the plugins, depending on how heavy the theme is, it can negatively affect the Dashboard’s performance.

3. The site’s database

A lot of website operations are parsed through the Database; thus, having a poorly optimized Database can lead to a decrease in the backside’s speed.

4. Many admin-ajax.php requests

A significant issue with website load time can result from overflowing the admin-ajax.php file.

This is, generally, a result of third-party plugins/themes taking a toll on the site, thus causing a spike in usage and a slowdown of the site’s speed.

⚠️For additional information on this topic, we recommend reaching out to your hosting provider so they can provide more detailed data on what might be slowing down your Dashboard.

Why did my WP-Admin area become slower after installing NitroPack?

In extremely rare cases, NitroPack may have slowed down the admin area of your website.

We recommend checking this theory by temporarily disabling the NitroPack plugin and seeing if that makes a difference.

📌If the issue persists, please contact our support team at [email protected] or via this link: to investigate further.

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