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Importing WooCommerce Products Is Slow
Importing WooCommerce Products Is Slow
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When NitroPack is turned on, bulk product imports with WooCommerce's CSV importer take longer.

This can also occur when using a plugin like WP All Import or similar to import data into different content types.

Default Behavior

You are using a third-party service to import products in bulk for your WooCommerce store. Any plugin like the following can do this:

  • WP All Import

  • Woo Import Export

  • Product CSV Import Suite

  • Import Export Suite for WooCommerce

  • Product Importer Deluxe and many more.

When using third-party services for bulk product imports in WooCommerce, the following behavior can be observed:


Behavior with NitroPack

NitroPack does not modify your experience in your WordPress Admin Dashboard by any means. Here, you only rely on your server’s performance and website heaviness.

However, when trying to import products in bulk while NitroPack is active may cause a slowdown in the entire process. Entirely based on the number of products you are trying to import at once.

The reason is your Server and NitroPack are working together to keep the cache fresh after the new releases. This is directly related to our “Purge affected cache when content is updated or published” functionality that aims to keep everything up to date.

When the content on your site is updated, NitroPack will perform some cache purging or check if such is needed. So if you import a lot of data that triggers post/product updates, the cache purging process will be triggered frequently.


Please note that steps 2 and 3 are executed for each of the imported products. This can lead to delays and cause the import to take longer.

How to fix slow bulk product imports in WooCommerce

✅Disable the Automated Behavior > Purge affected cache when content is updated or published temporarily in our plugin.


You can disable this feature temporarily while importing new content, so there is no extra load on your website’s server.

⚠️Please note that you will have to perform a cache purge for any related pages in case you want them to show up-to-date content. You can do this via the “Quick Actions” widget in our Dashboard:

When the import has finished, you should:

  1. Do a full cache purge so any new content changes can be seen.

  2. Re-enable the feature “Purge affected cache when content is updated or published”.

📌 If you need any assistance or have questions, you can always reach out to our support team at [email protected] or via this link:

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