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How to Make Sure Favicons Aren't Affected by NitroPack
How to Make Sure Favicons Aren't Affected by NitroPack
Updated over a week ago

You can manually prevent NitroPack from optimizing your website’s favicon with our “Excluded Resources” feature.

1. Find the “Excluded Resources” feature in the General Settings menu and enable it.

2. Next, if your favicon file contains the word “favicon”, add the following exclude:


The wildcards (*) ensure that all paths before and after the word favicon are covered. Besides that, select “Image” as the resource type and leave everything else as it is.

If your favicon file does not contain the word “favicon”, you’ll need to enter its name in the “Asset URL/Code” field. Again, make sure to surround the name with wildcards (*) on both sides.

3. Once the exclude is added, purge your website’s cache. If you have Cache Warmup enabled, NitroPack will automatically re-optimize your site with the new settings in place.

4. Finally, make sure to follow Google’s guidelines for defining a favicon to show in search results. You can also ask Google to recrawl your site so it can find newly added favicons.

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