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Clients: How to Manage Multiple Client Accounts Through Your NitroPack App
Clients: How to Manage Multiple Client Accounts Through Your NitroPack App
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Clients is an agency-specific NitroPack feature that allows you to gain access to your clients' accounts by simply providing their email addresses.

Straight from the NitroPack app, you can send access requests and assign yourself different roles based on the permissions you want to gain.

Here are the three roles:

  • Biller - As a Biller, you can view and retrieve invoices and manage their billing, payments, and subscriptions.

  • Developer - As a Developer, you can access their dashboard, analytics data, and integrations. Also, you will be able to fine-tune their settings.

  • Admin - As an Admin, you have full control over their account and all associated websites.

Clients allows you to request access to both existing and nonexistent NitroPack accounts. Upon sending a request, all your clients who are not registered NitroPack users yet will be asked to sign up.

This automatically eliminates the need for you to create, manage, and juggle between multiple NitroPack accounts.

Here’s how to invite your clients.

How to invite clients

Sign in to your account and click on the Account menu.

Then, go to Manage Account >> Clients:

Next, click on “Invite client”:

Clicking on either button will open the “Invite a client” pop-up:

From there, fill in the email of the person you want to request access from and assign yourself a role from the drop-down menu:

By clicking on “Send invitation,” your client will receive the following email:

After they click on "Grant access", they will be either redirected to NitroPack’s sign-in flow (if they’re existing users) or sign-up flow (if they don’t have an active NitroPack account).

Once they log into the NitroPack app, a pop-up will appear requiring them to approve the request:

If they approve the request, the “Requested” tag next to their email will disappear.

Important: Your client might be unable to grant you access due to the lack of free Team Management slots. In this case, they must upgrade their subscription or remove a member to free up space for you. Read more about Team Management.

How to manage your clients’ accounts through “Shared account”

All the clients you have requested access from will be listed under the “Shared accounts” menu.


This column showcases the email addresses of all added clients. It encompasses both clients with sent requests who have yet to approve your request and those who did it.

For clients who still need to approve the request, a 'Requested' tag will be displayed.

Аccess level

In this column, you can see your role for each client.

Your clients are the ones who can change the assigned role through the Team Management menu.


This column presents all the websites associated with each client.

Upon clicking on “View websites,” a popup will appear with all the associated websites.

The search field within the popup allows for easy searching of specific websites.

Note: If a client is still pending approval (with the tag 'Requested’), the "View Websites" link will be inactive.


The column gives you a quick overview of the status of your clients' accounts. The four statuses allow you to monitor for any issues that may arise:

  • All good: This indicates that everything functions smoothly with the specific account.

  • Major issue: This highlights a significant problem associated with the account that needs immediate attention.

  • No data: This indicates that there are still no websites related to this account or the client has yet to accept your request.

  • Not connected: This suggests that one or more websites related to the account are not connected


This column offers three actions:

  • ‘Resend’ allows you to resend your request to clients who have yet to approve it.

  • 'Remove’ allows you to remove all clients tagged as 'Requested.' Once they approve your request, the Remove action disappears.

  • 'Log in as' is available for clients who have already approved your request, enabling you to log in to their account.

📌 If you need any assistance or have questions, you can contact our Support team using the chat bubble on the bottom right of this page.

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