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Team Management: Invite, Assign, Collaborate
Team Management: Invite, Assign, Collaborate
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Team Management is a NitroPack feature that allows you to share your account with your team, making managing your website(s) easier.

Straight from the NitroPack app, you can send invitations and assign different roles based on the permissions you want to grant.

Here are the three roles:

  • Biller - These members can view and retrieve invoices and manage your billing, payments, and subscriptions.

  • Developer - This role grants access to your dashboard, analytics data, and integrations. Also, they will be able to fine-tune your settings.

  • Admin - The person with this role will have full control over your account.

Each NitroPack subscription allows for a certain number of members to be invited:

  • Free/No subscription: 1 member

  • Business: 1 member

  • Growth: up to 3 members

  • Scale: up to 10 members

  • Custom: unlimited members

The best part is – you don’t need a subscription to take advantage of Team Management. All you have to do is create a NitroPack account and invite an Admin. Then, this person can take over and select the right subscription for you, fine-tune your settings, and manage your websites.

Here’s how to do it.

How to invite team members

Sign in to your account and click on the Account menu. Then, you can click on “Invite your team,” which will redirect you to the Team Management menu:


Or click “Manage account” and then open the Team Management tab:


Next, click on “Invite a member”:


Clicking on either button will open the “Member access” menu:


From there, fill in the email of the person you want to invite and assign them a role from the drop-down menu:


By clicking on “Grant access,” the invited person will receive the following email:


Upon clicking “Accept invitation,” they will be redirected to NitroPack’s sign-in flow.

Note: You can invite both users with and without existing NitroPack accounts. The former will be automatically redirected to the NitroPack app (if they’re already signed in). While the latter will go through the signup process.

Once they accept your invitation, the “invited” tag will disappear.


How to change roles and remove access

Once you assemble your team, you can easily change their roles or remove their access.

All your members and their roles will be listed in the Team Management menu:


Click on the drop-down menu next to the email you want to update. Select the role you want to assign to them:


Confirm the change:


That’s it.

If you want to remove the access for any particular member, click “Remove access”:


And confirm the action:


How your NitroPack account will look for the invited members

After a member accepts your invitation, they will need to either sign in (if they have an existing NitroPack account) or sign up (if they don’t).

Once they sign in, they will be able to access your account:


Now, based on the role you assigned them, only specific menus of your account will be unlocked for them.







What will happen to the invited members if I cancel my subscription?

Depending on the subscription you cancel, the number of team members you have will either:

  • Remain the same

  • Be reduced to the highest-tier subscription available

Let’s say you have Scale, Growth, and Business subscriptions. Your Scale subscription includes 10 team members. Hence, canceling either of the other two subscriptions won’t affect your team members.

On the other hand, if you have Growth and Business plans, the maximum number of members you could invite is 3.

Canceling your Growth subscription will reduce the number of your team members to the highest-tier plan available.

In our case, this is the Business plan, so you will remain with 1 active member (the one added the earliest).

If you cancel your last paid subscription, the cancelation will occur at the end of the current billing period. After that, our service will be disabled.

📌 If you need any assistance or have questions, you can contact our Support team using the chat bubble on the bottom right of this page.

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