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How to "Ignore Query Parameters for Static Resources" in NitroPack
How to "Ignore Query Parameters for Static Resources" in NitroPack
Updated over a week ago

This feature removes the cache-busting query parameters on static files and produces more consistent URLs, which will increase the browser cache effectiveness, thus lowering the loading time for your website visitors.

What are query strings?

Query strings are URLs containing special characters such as ? and &. Some scripts or stylesheets may contain these strings in order for the version of the file to be properly identified.

Example: style.css?v=1.3

This is something that can normally be configured on your server-side or for some CDN providers.

However, for easy access, NitroPack provides the feature integrated with all the other optimization tools.

The option is located in the NitroPack dashboard > Settings > General tab.

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